Pálava Publishing is a recently established publishing house that focuses on unique works of fiction by contemporary Czech authors in English translation. It is based in Brno in the Czech Republic, and the moving spirits behind the project are Dana Blatná (at the Dana Blatná Literary Agency) and Oldřich Pavlovský (at PAVLOVSKÝ s.r.o.), who have been friends since their student days, as well as lovers of good books and book projects. The publisher also has a close ”philosophical” connection with the agency – as the agency’s objective for over ten years has been the high-quality publication of first-class book translations. At present the publisher only plans to bring out authors represented by the agency.

In summer 2016 the publisher brought out the first two titles – Irena Dousková’s bestseller Hrdý Budžes (B. Proudew, translated by Melvyn Clarke) and Martin Fahrner’s novel Steiner aneb Co jsme dělali (The Invincible Seven, translated by Andrew Oakland).

In spring 2018 two more books appeared on the list – one of the most successful titles by Michal Viewegh: Vybíjená (Dodgeball, translated by David Short) and the loose sequel to B. Proudew by Irena Dousková – Oněgin byl Rusák (Onegin Was a Rusky, translated by Melvyn Clarke).

All our books are uniformly designed by well-known graphic designer Bedřich Vémola, while the illustrations on the cover are by ”allied” artists (Lucie Lomová, Věra Kovářová and Jan Pražan), based on the author’s choice.